VORNTH – Vornth

VORNTH – Vornth

Uniting the insane brutality and thrash madness of early Destruction and Kreator, Sweden’s Vornth concoct sheer energy times one thousand on this debut 12 song, self-titled record. Appearing on CD now while the vinyl version hit the market in late summer 2013, this quartet harken back to a time when speed and fierceness reigned above anything else – assault or perish.

Guitarist Erik Blackflexer emulates Mille’s infamous paint melting screams and rapid fire word spew through winning numbers like "Evil Blood", the slightly controlled "Rip Rip Rip" and frantic bumblebee picking mad "Metal Skies". Whether hitting hard and quick in 3 minutes for "Darkness and Steel" or using prolonged instrumental sections for a Mercyful Fate/ Sacrifice oriented texture within the 7:28 "Axemurder", know that Vornth could easily transplant their sound into 1984-1986 and not miss a beat.

May the sweat and blood simultaneously spill.