PROFANATICA – Thy Kingdom Cum

PROFANATICA – Thy Kingdom Cum

Paul Ledny (ex Incantation) and his unholy alliance Profanatica is back with their third opus of necro ridden black metal done the American way.

Being an active band since 1990 the productivity of Profanatica has been mainly in the EP/Split department but 2013 saw the band release a full-length aptly titled "Thy Kingdom Cum".

The musical expression is pure blasphemy with monotone drumming, simple but effective riffing and a grim rasp of vocal layered on top to manifest the unholyness. Personally I can dig some of this but in small doses only. It gets to repetitive (but not in a good Burzum way) and even though the riffs are allover pretty good they seem to drag out and then loose some of the hypnotic touch they first created.

The production is just murky enough to create the atmosphere needed without sounding to old-school or primitive for the sake of being just that.

Profanatica delivers on all accounts in the blasphemy department and if you like your coffee black you already know about Profanatica and I don´t have to tell you that you´ll like "Thy Kingdom Cum".