C.O.A.G. – Sociopath

C.O.A.G. – Sociopath

C.O.A.G. is a one man grind attack from Déhà of We All Die (laughing). Although there are 15 tracks here, don’t be fooled – this is old school grind, so the track lengths are such that the whole thing is over in 13 minutes. The song names are all just Roman numerals except for track 15 which is a cover of Hatebreed’s  "Defeatist". I’m not a fan of that band, but the treatment given to that track here means it works well and fits with the rest of the material. As for the track names… I’m not so sure how well gimmicks like that work. Not to my liking in any case.

This is intense, fast paced grind. There isn’t much in the way or breakdowns or fat, fuzzy bass intros. Instead, we have a flat out attack. Having said that, the record still comes across as varied due to the range of blasting used and the amount of changes packed into each song. Those who feel cheated when they discover their latest grind acquisition is slower that they’d originally thought will appreciate the approach taken. A flavour of early 90’s grind comes through, as do hints of black and death metal. The vocals are low hardcore/death metallish growls that occupy a territory just above pitch shifted pig squeals in tone so they fit perfectly.

More, please.