HADEA – Fabric Of Intention

HADEA – Fabric Of Intention

Changing names after the tragic loss of drummer Hunter Holland, North Carolina’s Gollum are now known as Hadea. Gaining a new record deal, this album "Fabric of Intention" is a veritable music stew in the highest form: experimental, progressive, heavy rock with doom, sludge, groove, and thrash/death overtones. Mastadon, Tool, King Crimson, Lamb of God, Compression, Opeth – these are only some of the names that come to mind when hearing the outer worldly "One Guarantee", the relatively straightforward pummeling "Source and Creator" and psychedelic twister "Ignis Fatuus".

What’s most important about this 10 song, 51 minute record is the fact that for all the heavy riffing, tempo twists, and unconventional sounds- Hadea settle into this comfortable sonic groove, while the tones are primal and raw as to promote excessive spasmodic body motions and loads of sweat bursting from every pore. Guitars careen in and out as the low end explodes amidst the drumming that is solid as it is propulsive- topped off by the maniacal larynx and expressive melody choices from vocalist Shawn Corbett.

Highlights change by the moment: "Fabric of Intention" captivates with its sudden quarter time tempo drop and whiplash oriented doom chord action, and "Malicious Species" has that sludge/doom/ hardcore trifecta thing going on that I haven’t heard since the heydays of Maryland’s Compression- the trailing moments of this track psychedelic drone heaven. Nothing overproduced about this recording- all instruments can be heard and you feel a powerful aura about the snare cracks, fleet progressive bass and cymbal hits, and churning electricity all around Hadea’s sound.

Picky as I am about hybrid metal these days, this quartet resonates in all facets because they understand you can be aggressive and introspective to make quality, original music in 2014.