NECROFILTH – Devil´s Breath

NECROFILTH – Devil´s Breath

"Devil´s Breath" is the debut release of filthy death thrashers Necrofilth.

Since getting together back in 2008, this US trio have been active on the demo/EP/Split arena but have now finally gotten 13 tracks of pure and dirty old school combined on one disc.

"Devil´s Breath" resembles an underground release with muddy sound/production layered on the riff bonanza below. Both the drums and vocal are layered just above so they can be deciphered more easily.

Their crossover mix of genres keeps the album interessting for a couple of spins but I must admit after going thru the album 3 times (it only runs in 26 minutes total) in a row I was ready for something else.

The trio combines full speed with agression and "sloppyness" for that mentioned underground feeling and if you´re into some primitive extreme metal this is for you.

Necrofilth adds to the genre of vintage sounding bands and they land just above the average with "Devil´s Breath".