HAYSEED DIXIE – Oslo – John Dee

HAYSEED DIXIE – Oslo – John Dee

Hayseed Dixie(s), this review will be written in some kind of English so that the band might, or might not, be able to read and make up their mind about what I do, or do not write as a result of seeing the band(jo) live in Oslo.
In my mind there is no doubt when it comes down to the sheer fact that what this band (as mentioned above) does on stage is simply put, entertaining, enjoyable, believable and unregreatably worth my while! To be able to present AC/DC the way Hayseed Dixie does is, in lack of a better sentence( yeah I know that this is "bad English, but who wants to be good all the time huh?), kind of like getting me to buy into the idea of this kid called Hesus beeing born on just the same day as Jesus all those years ago… Fucking close to unbelievable!!
Taking us through the whole first release Hayseed Dixie gave us, the audience, a performance that musically was as entertaining as it comes. If you are looking for a playlist; go buy the album. But know this: you will be surprized if it your first time listening to Hayseed Dixie.


Now as for the consert: I enjoyed it a lot. I am not to certain that the majority of the audience caught on to all the jokes between the songs, but I did notice a few people who danced intensely to songs they knew. Because this is the kind of experience that requires a hint of knowledge and familiarity with the original songs to fully enjoy the thing Hayseed Dixie delivers. I must admitt that I myself didn’t know all the originals even though I have listened quite a lot to the album, and once my only friend introduced me to the original songs that i didn’t know up front, The concert just grew on me.

As for the band: They realy know how to handle their instruments and that is all there is to say about that subject.

If you missed this concert; too bad…