LECHEROUS NOCTURNE – Behold Almighty Doctrine

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE – Behold Almighty Doctrine

Brutaly beautifull.

Lecherous Nocturne hits home on their third opus "Behold Almighty Doctrine".

The US based death metal outfit debuted back in 2006 with "Adoration of the Blade", an album that not was well received so it´s really pleasing to hear how they have improved themself in just a few years. This is brutal, yet quite melodic death metal that proves to be more than just another "brootal" US band.

The album delivers on all points. The vocal is not to deep but menacing enough to be harmfull and it fits the chaos of musical performances that it is acompanied by.

The production is clean and crisp so all instruments get their time in the spotlight accordningly. The drums make up much of the music, but when the blasting is done with this perfection it seems you just cant get enough during the 28 minutes the album spins (among them 3 instrumentals).

That may be one of the few drawbacks, it lasts to short and when the speed and intensity is right below insane, "Behold Almighty Doctrine" ends before it really gets started.

It feels like a teaser for something more and we hopefully will get more of Lecherous Nocturne´s beautifull technnial death metal not so far in the future.