END OF GREEN – The Painstream

END OF GREEN – The Painstream

Southern Germany’s End Of Green performs in a cross-pollenated style of heavy music on this eighth album "The Painstream". Equal parts coming from the alternative, gothic and metal sides, the quintet keeps their sound very hook-oriented and hypnotic all the same. Drumming that is forceful and groovy, a bass that keeps the blood pumping, guitar chords that ring out notes of charm and despair depending on the arrangement at hand, plus the gothic / alternative vocal delight that is guitarist Michelle Darkness make "Hangman’s Joke", the blues based gothic ballad "Death of the Weakender", and Billy Idol-like high energy "Chasing Ghosts" sure fire winners with most listeners.

End Of Green stands out amidst the gothic/ alternative/ metal acts because of the dynamic mood shifts- they aren’t stuck in being different, they just let what comes out of their heads and hearts onto the page and as a result you receive an 11 song album that never remains stagnant. The half acoustic, half electric number "Miss Misery" would feel at ease on classic rock radio as it would on adult contemporary, the vocals building to a perfect sonic crescendo. I love the extreme vocal touches and furious china cymbal hits on "Holidays In Hell"- the guitars moving between happier alternative pickings and this slow, lumbering Type O Negative half time chug.

Hard to believe I haven’t heard of this band prior to this release. Those who love a mix of genres and don’t mind pop/rock oriented choruses will find favor with End Of Green. In the end the addictive songwriting should appease many newcomers and satisfy the long timers.