HATEFUL – Epilogue of Masquerade

HATEFUL – Epilogue of Masquerade

The Italian death metal trio Hateful keeps things moving along briskly on their second album "Epilogue of Masquerade". With 12 songs clocking in at just barely over half an hour, there’s no excuse to feast on "Corrupting the Veils That Keep the Mind Sane", "Ravenous", and "Stillbirth" in the span of a travel engagement or personal headphone listening session. The proceedings are fast and furious, slightly thrash-oriented with dive bomb Slayer-like frantic leads.

The band certainly play with a technical ability on their side- so expect riffing that brings Obscura along with Gorguts and Monstrosity to mind. I struggled to retain much beyond the occasional transitional riff- and the vocals are typical in their semi-roared/ growl nature.

Bottom line is, Hateful need to figure out a way to construct more memorable material or realize their potential will be hometown hero relatable at best.