HATE FORCE ONE – Wave Of Destruction

HATE FORCE ONE – Wave Of Destruction

German death/thrash band here with Hate Force One on their debut album "Wave of Destruction"- and the 10 songs whirl by in quick fashion, a little too predictable in terms of the riff transitions and guttural vocal melodies. The double bass tone and tom fill sounds are super synthetic, making songs like "Death Roll" and "Warfare" nails on the chalkboard to handle.

Imagine taking in a groovier Nevermore and Slayer colliding head long into Six Feet Under/ Obituary style death metal- just in its formative years with no clue how to write captivating riffs and songs. The dive bomb guitar finger tapping on "The Mirror" will either incite exhaustive laughter or bring you to tears. Being together for 5 years, "Wave of Destruction" is very amateurish in a genre known for aggression and execution in the highest order.

Hate Force One wouldn’t make it past round one of most battle of the metal band competitions.