EL CAMINO – Gold of the Great Deceiver

EL CAMINO – Gold of the Great Deceiver

Occasionally, no matter how hard you try, or how many times you expose yourself to some piece of art, things don’t click. Such is the case with the second full length platter from Sweden’s el Camino. "Gold of the Great Deceiver" on paper should be ideal: doomy, raw, and featuring a multitude of groans/ screams and electricity in the instrumentation.

Everything just plods along without strong hooks in either the guitar or vocal department- and that’s not good as the quintet isn’t exactly playing the most technical brand of music on the planet. The Sabbath-y devil’s triumvirate chords and squeals make "The One of Evil" at least tolerable- but one out of eight songs does not convert fence sitters into lifelong fans.

There are plenty of acts in the genre that are much more worthy of your time. el Camino flat line for me.