WEH – Folkloren

WEH – Folkloren

To be honest, I know very little about Weh, but "Folkloren" is an acoustic album coming from a background of Norwegian folklore. The instruments are confined to guitar and vocals with a few bars of piano and about 8 seconds of tambourine – all played by Erik E.

The sound is warm and deep – reminiscent of Drudkh’s ‘Songs of Grief and Solitude’ in feel, but with far more on offer. Erik’s voice has a rich timber that carries the listener into a world of natural beauty, human triumph and sorrow. The narrative gives me the sensation of being at a fireside while a traveller regales me with tales of far off lands.

The songs have a simultaneous ‘depressive’ and uplifting feel – plaintive and life-affirming at the same time. They have a hypnotic vibe that draws you in, and once you are there, rousing choruses sweep you away. But what makes "Folkloren" so special is the quality of the writing. The songs are subtle and it is amazing how much Erik E manages to achieve with such a pared back approach. The atmosphere, the power of each track to pull you in, the beautiful guitar work, the vocals – everything works to create a seamless world.

In a nutshell – my favourite album of 2013 to date.