SORCERY – Legacy of Blood – Rerelease

SORCERY – Legacy of Blood – Rerelease

Take a guess, do you think I enjoy the swedish death/thrash metal outfit Sorcery?


Correct, and therefore it´s with quite pleasure I received "Legacy of Blood" the other day. A new album already by these old-schoolers you say?

No, "Legacy of Blood" is actually a re-release of their (now) classic debut from 1991 "Bloodchilling Tales" (plus a couple of extras) on CD courtesy of Dave and his Xtreem Records (ES).

There´s not very much to add to the many praises that "Bloodchilling Tales" have received over the years. Their unique and (then) fresh but brutal take on the death metal genre did not fail to deliver some 22 years ago and it still stays fresh and interessting to this day. The companionship with thrash worked very well and they handled the hybrid to the max (at the time). Of course, there are a few things that could be improved. For one the production could be a litle clearer and the guitar could be more prominent in the mix but other than that "Bloodchilling Tales" (or "Legacy of Blood" as it´s renamed for the occation) still reigns among the top debut albums from Sweden in this period of time.

One for the history books and now available once again for your listening pleasure. Get schooled!