Classic British AOR oriented melodic rock on display here with this six-piece. "Evermore" is their latest album, a 12 song platter filled with the spirit of Thunder, Bad Company, and a hefty amount of all eras UFO to these ears. Keyboardist Irvin Parratt has a bright tone to his work- living for the 80’s with his chord choices and sustained finger sweeps in the commercial oriented "Love Will Find You" as well as the relationship driven "The Real World".

Guitarists Dave Thompson and Paul Surrall carry the show for Lost Weekend- their knack for finding the right segments to unleash a spirited, bluesy lead break in the Whitesnake/ Journey tradition and then come back to the center with their chord choices and riffing should send the melodic rock crowd shouting for more. As a vocalist Paul Uttley is adequate but you can tell in his advancing years that he prefers to keep the melodies within the middle of his register or below- Phil Mogg and Paul Rodgers come to mind, even on an acoustic laden, epic ballad such as "Falling by the Wayside".

Try as I might, a lot of the songwriting on "Evermore" just feels overloaded with parts that do not advance the song, weighing down the impact of the better hooks, riffs, and melodies and diminishing my overall enjoyment. The immediacy of "Living For Tomorrow" and "Ain’t No Friend Of Mine" is an aspect Lost Weekend needs to keep their focus on, and tighten material like "Reach for the Sky" which contains too long of an intro and become redundant near the song’s conclusion.

At 61 minutes, "Evermore" could have been a much better album cutting off ¼ of its songs. If you enjoy the rockier side of the melodic hard rock genre with British charm, Lost Weekend could be in your wheelhouse.