FAIR WARNING – Sundancer

FAIR WARNING – Sundancer

  • Rating: 4 / 6

The German melodic hard rock band Fair Warning has been in existence since 1990, forging ahead in their 23rd year with the same four-piece that began: vocalist Tommy Heart, bassist Ule Ritgen, guitarist Helge Engelke, and drummer CC Behrens. It’s a testament to inner connectivity, personal respect, and obviously affinity for the style at hand, and this seventh studio album "Sundancer" keeps the energy and good feelings flowing throughout the 15 tracks.

One minute channeling the spirit of Richard Marx’ "Satisfied" in the guitar riffs for "Man in the Mirror", the next rivaling classic Aerosmith for "Natural High", there is enough variety present to keep all fans of the genre engaged. "Touch My Soul" has some higher pitch guitar harmonies and Tommy’s emotional delivery that give this track a little bit more of a dramatic touch, while "Send Me a Dream" is classic power ballad masterfulness, with slow, tasteful licks and a big, booming drum presence. Veteran acts like Fair Warning understand that an album needs a mix of anthems, rockers, ballads, and mid-tempo pieces to offer ultimate dynamic versatility within the confines of a simpler verse/chorus arrangement- and "Sundancer" as a result satisfies that desire. You’ll get church choir action for the bluesy "How Does It Feel" and a driving axe riff with some organ interplay ready for highway action with closer "Hit and Run"- two of my favorites on this album.

Superstars in the Far East, Fair Warning play to their strengths and aren’t attempting to viciously shake the apple cart in the hopes of worldwide acceptance. This is for those who love Bon Jovi (especially 80’s and early 90’s incarnation), Gotthard, and just good old fashioned melodic hard rock.