BOMBS OF HADES – The Serpents Redemption

BOMBS OF HADES – The Serpents Redemption

Swedish death metal outfit Bombs of Hades follows up debut "Chambers of Abominations" with both feet in on 2012´s "The Serpents Redemption". A true honour to the old and dirty in extreme metal. Death metal without any fancy smancy triggering or whatnot. Just pure straigthforward in your face without any bull death metal and damn it´s good. With (soon to be) legendary Jonas Stålhammar (ex God Macabre, The Crown)  on vocal/guitar this a true offering to the metal gods of the last century.

The production is dark and fuzzy but clear enough not to be annoying and all instruments are well placed in the wall of sound that hits you on opener Darkness, My Soul. Riff on riff on riff picked from the top shellf, thats the way to do it.

The anger and intensity is allso over the place and after a couple of spins you need a rest from this inferno of infernal hymns. Be warned this is not for the weak.

Given the fact that the swedeath retro vibe is all over us, it´s easy to get lost or just not interessted in all the bands that deliver us the same formula.

Behold then Bombs of Hades, a refreshing and spectacular tribute to the metal genre we all love. Be smart, be metal, sell your soul, run and buy now.