CREMATION – Rise of The Phoenix

CREMATION – Rise of The Phoenix

Here´s an unsigned gem for your death metal listening pleasure.

Cremation hails from Switzerland and started out back in the early 90´s.

"Rise of The Phoenix" is actually Cremation´s third output but yet they remain unsigned for reasons unknown. Their brand of death metal is actually quite enjoyable and does not differ much from many less competent/enjoyable bands out there.

Mixing brutality with a dose of technique without sounding to well played is the impression "Rise of The Phoenix" leaves you with. The production is crispy and fits the guitar sound well. The vocal is your average mid level growl but it´s not bad, it´s just common, nothing negative in that really.

The tempo is also mid paced, not exhausting but far from the doomy side of the spectre. There´s multiple complex and quite good riffs to be served during the 55 minutes this five piece of fairly skilled musicians keep it up.

Cremation is clearly up to something on their third full-length and even though they keep their death metal well inside the boundaries and does not stand out in any special or spectacular matter I can count multiple similar acts out there that does not compare even half up to Cremation.