DGM – Momentum

DGM – Momentum

The eighth studio album "Momentum" from Italian progressive metal band DGM is an accurate assessment of where the band’s ability and creativity stand. Surviving the loss of long-time vocalist Titta Tani, their latest singer Mark Basile has been an impressive replacement, breathing explosive and emotional life in to the quintet. For those who love impressive instrumental runs with loads of keyboard/ guitar neo-classical/ arpeggio interplay, a rhythm section who can dance with any time signature or tempo change thrown at them, as well as a high octane melodic vocalist- "Momentum" will be an outstanding release to sink your teeth into.

Injecting a little bit of the minor chord Kamelot atmosphere in some of the symphonic keyboards for the energetic galloping "Universe", the first surprise happens right out of the gate with Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen joining the band for the opener "Reason"- adding a dramatic flair to the proceedings. Keyboardist Emanuele Casali and guitarist Simone Mularoni perform with technical brilliance and a modest amount of hook-oriented respect- aware that they need to be dedicated to structured songwriting while also showcasing their obvious talents instrumentally. Equal amounts of respect for American veterans like Dream Theater and Symphony X as well as the grace of European power of a band like Evergrey makes material such as "Pages" and the almost thrash-like blitzkrieg "Chaos" (featuring Jorn Viggo Lofstad from Pagan’s Mind on guitar) instantly accessible.

DGM make sure to keep all of the arrangements in the 4-6 minute range, never overloading the brain with too much information. If you’ve felt some of your favorite bands have strayed a little too far into the commercial pastures within this genre- and prefer just a bevy of mid-tempo and faster, jaw dropping progressive power metal, "Momentum" will excite and delight. By the time "Blame" ends, my only sadness is awaiting the ninth album from this veteran act.