SADISTIC INTENT til Norge i september (9/11)

SADISTIC INTENT til Norge i september (9/11)






Revolver – Oslo

11. september 2012

Sadistic Intent formed in 1987. Two years later they released a small run of demo cassettes, called Conflict Within, followed by the release of a few rehearsal tapes and demos. Eventually Sadistic Intent signed with a rising label, Wild Rags Records. In 1990 the ‘Impending Doom’ EP was released and a few tours followed in Mexico as well as the United States. The following year, after bitter disputes with the label, they moved on and self-released a limited edition (1,000 copies) 7" EP A Calm Before The Storm. Due to line-up problems, the band would not release any material until late 1993.

In 1994 Sadistic Intent released the Resurrection MCD, bassist Bay Cortez singing for the first time. After sorting out another line-up problem in 1995, they released Ancient Black Earth as a limited edition (500 hand-numbered copies) MCD through their own record label, Dark Realm Records. Sadistic Intent also recorded a tribute song to Celtic Frost for Dwell Records. In 1998, a split 7" EP with the German Black metal group Ungod was released through the German label Merciless Records. 1999 saw more tribute recordings and releases from Sadistic Intent. One was for California’s legendary Possessed, which featured original Possessed front man Jeff Becerra on vocals; in 2007 Sadistic Intent played back-up at the reforming of Possessed. The other tribute song was for a Dwell Records tribute to Los Angeles metal band Slayer.

Summon The Crows