SOLEFALD til Inferno 2013

SOLEFALD til Inferno 2013



It is with great pride we can announce that Norway’s SOLEFALD are ready for next year’s INFERNO. The bands is best known for their shrewd avant-garde metal and haven’t played live in 12 years – get ready for hard and uncompromisingly progressive avant-garde metal when SOLEFALD enters the stage next year!

Festival passes to INFERNO 2013 will be sold for kr 1000,- in the merch stand at Rockefeller during this year’s festival -Welcome to our traditional black Easter celebration in Oslo 27. March – 30. March 2013!

Solefald plays Norwegian avant-garde black metal and was formed by members Lars Are "Lazare" Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelln, with Lars singing and playing keyboard/synthesizer/piano and drums, and Cornelius singing and playing guitar and bass. Ever since they first appeared with the demo "Jernlov", in 1996 Solefald has been an "enfant terrible" in a scene where most have aspired to manifest darkness and evil. Even so Solefald is still something of a secret reserved for the lovers of hard and uncompromisingly progressive music.

Their seventh and last album to date, sees them turn to Norway of the early 1900-hundreds where a young nation zealously explored its cultural roots and simultaneously the most far-flung and inhospitable corners of the globe. In this way Solefald unerringly points their hunting rifles at the driving forces of Norwegian Black Metal and the mighty leviathan it has become. Likewise one can say that Solefald sums up their own career with lyrical presence and epic substance. That means completely giving in to an unbending desire to play True Norwegian Black Metal, -be it with saxophone, Hammond organ, prog riffs, poetry reading, electronic beats, vocal harmonies or the more traditional weapons of black metal. Solefald’s backing-band will be fellow Norwegians In Vain.

For the thirteenth continuous year year in a row the INFERNO festival for ensures that Eastertime in Oslo will be pitch-black. From all corners of the globe, the festival draws metal heads and the music industry to Oslo during Easter and is recognized as one of the most important arenas for both Norwegian and international bands. Ever since the start in 2001 the festival has been a key factor in strengthening the name of Norwegian metal both at home and abroad. Likewise it has given the metal crowd a valuable meeting ground with conferences, expo and four days of the best music Hell hath to offer!

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