LENZIG LEAL (Cephalic Carnage) – Smoke more weed Norway

LENZIG LEAL (Cephalic Carnage) – Smoke more weed Norway

(…this article is in English…)

Leonard "Lenzig" Leal is one of life’s happier boys. He is the only remaining original member of the American grindcore band Cephalic Carnage, maybe the band in the world who is best known for its liberal attitude toward marijuana. Lenzig doubts that he ever become an opera singer, has lots of humor and are more interested in how a metal vocalist looks inside than on the extreme vocals can be said to be science. Here is Leonard "Lenzig" Leal from the Cephalic Carnage and his contributions to The Deep Throat Series.


When did you start doing extreme vocals (What year and at what age)?

I would say when I was 8 years when I started boxing, you would always be yelling and screaming, I think it just started from that point till I was 12

What made you start to do extreme vocals?

Listening to Dio, Slayer, Possessed and Exodus

Can you describe the technique or the techniques you are using?

Its mostly guttural, I like to scream. Any thing that you have to use your stomach muscles

Has your technique changed during your career?

Not really this is all I know, I doubt ill be an opera singer anytime soon

Have you ever hurt yourself by using a "wrong technique"?

Absolutely, eating pizza an hour before you sing will inspire the wrong technique its called reflux and that will set you back a few songs


Is there something you do on a regular basis to keep your voice in shape? Any routines?

Smokes weed, drink lots room temperature water, and get a decent amount of rest

Do you think it can be dangerous to do extreme vocals?

Yes it can brutal on your throat and hearing for they are one in the same, so if you party way too much on tour, you might have rough

What is most important for you – to make cool sounds and interesting rhythms, or to have a clear diction/pronunciation?

I just go with the flow and try to live the song make it own, sometimes its about the tone of the growl

Do you think that extreme vocals can be made into a science, like "this is how it works for everyone, to make this sound you have to do this etc"? Or is it more intuitive and individual how to do it?

I think that that would be cool they show the inside of a metal singers body and show the brutal process, think that would rock. The science of growling

Do you have any advice to people who wants to start doing extreme vocals?

Stay in shape, be versatile (try not to limit the vocal styles, you might need em one day) try to be yourself,


Mention three extreme vocalists whose style you admire, and explain your choice. What specifically do you like about the styles of those three? Also mention three vocalists (not necessarily extreme vocalists) which you have been influence by, and explain in which way you have been influenced by each of them.

Ross Dolan of Immolation is a god! He has the most evil sounding voice in death metal he sounds like Ross, plus he plays amazing bass riffs.

Bill Steer for making vocalist sing even lower, Carcass destroyed when they came onto the scene.

John Tardy, Jeff Becerra, Tom Araya, Paul Baloff, Stacy Anderson and John of Blessed Death all come in tie for third place they all inspire in there own way, as far as extreme vocalist who sing brutally low and clean vocals it would be Lorin Cook from Wicked Innocence out of Salt Lake City Utah…for  my main vocal inspiration would be Ronnie James Dio, Rhett Forester, Paul D’ianno, Vince Neal and Bruce Dickenson

Who do you want to challenge in this series? (Who should be the next extreme vocalist to answer these questions?) Give a brief explanation for your choice.

Ross Dolan From Immolation..thanx for your time and support from Cephalic Carnage,  Smoke more weed Norway. Help your country be mentally free!!!! Eat uust and drink uul