EDEN’S CURSE – Trinity

EDEN’S CURSE – Trinity

Third time could be the charm for Eden’s Curse. This melodic metal outfit feature hard charging guitar hooks and equally captivating melodies – along with superstar guest work from Dream Theater’s James LaBrie and Helloween’s Andi Deris. "Trinity" is their third album and this international group continue to produce some of the more memorable and full songs this side of the modern scene.

Songs like “No Holy Man”, “Dare To Be Different” and the title cut just pour out a love of European texture along with the American addictive spirit – as acts like Letter X, Queensryche and Rainbow (the latter evident in Alessandro Del Vecchio’s keyboard parts) come to the forefront. Vocalist Michael Eden has one of those unique high voices in the genre – it may be hit or miss for some who are used to the Dickinson/ Halford belt it out style, but I believe he has enough of that AOR-like charm to keep more converts with every recording.

Ending the album with a Dio tribute in Sacred Heart’s first single “Rock N’ Roll Children”, "Trinity" wins me over because the record has enough tempo fluctuation and dynamics that the average listener will not feel stuck in the same place. Even when the five piece navigate the power ballad route with “Guardian Angel”, they capture your headspace through crystalline choruses and memorable Thorsten Koehne solo work (emphasizing feel over mere thousand note a minute flurry activity).

"Trinity" should be in your collection if you miss the work of Elegy, Glenmore and Letter X.