"Rust" is dirty, grim black metal straight from the old school. Flat out, it is harsh and hate-filled. The slower parts rock with punked-up, fist-in-the-face fury. Then we have the more progressive side shown in track five “Sunken in the Sun”, complete with wandering break and now fashionable sax solo.

For those who don’t know Austria’s Ewig Frost, this is an impressive introduction. "Rust" brings you back to the early days of the genre while honoring what is good about modern BM. The riffs are killer, the vocals raw and the bass filled with doom. On top of that, there is a charismatic quality about this band that distinguishes them from other recent BM acts.

For one thing, there is a strong anti-Nazi stance. In a scene where some have forgotten the horrors of the Holocaust and stand ready to embrace these ignorant, immature ideologies, this is especially welcome. Granted, BM is about having the freedom to say what you want, but I agree with Ewig Frost: Fuck off, Nazis!

Although “Rust” runs to 27 minutes, it is still only an EP, so I look forward to seeing what Ewig Frost can do on a longer release and even more to seeing them live at some stage. Definitely an act I will look out for in the future.