Gratis THE AMENTA single

Gratis THE AMENTA single


‘VO1D’ New Release 8th March – FREE!  



Australian extreme music collective, THE AMENTA, have announced the track listing for their enormous multimedia release "V01D" . Combining the harsh, ugly electronics of previous works with a wall-of-noise approach to melody which has hitherto only been hinted, "V01D" is a true multi-media experience. "V01D" is to be released on March 8th, 2011 via exclusively.


With guest appearances by "Occasus" era vocalist Mark "Cesium 137" Bevan and former bass player Dale Harrison and incorporating a new song, re-records, an ARMOURED ANGEL cover, electronic experiments, remixes professional video and mastered by Alan Douches (HATE ETERNAL, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), "V01D" is THE AMENTA‘s response to download culture. "V01D" will be FREE. 16 audio tracks and 5 videos, free to the fan. Released 8th of March.


As a taster for this massive release, THE AMENTA have also released a multi-media "single" for the track ‘Vermin’, featuring a film clip, live clips, remixes and the re-record.


‘Vermin’ is free. It can be downloaded from It is available for one week only. Do not miss out.


The film clip for ‘Vermin’ can also be seen at


Track listing for "V01D" is as follows:




1. Empty

2. V01D (exclusive new song)

3. Erebus (re-recorded)

4. Ache

5. Junky (re-recorded)

6. Spine (re-recorded)

7. Null

8. Vermin (re-recorded)

9. Nihil (re-recorded)

10. Nil

11. Enigmatize (originally performed by ARMOURED ANGEL)

12. None

13. Junky (remix)

14. Nihil (remix)

15. Vermin (remix)

16. Erebus (remix)





(Multi-camera, pro-audio video)

1. Junky

2. Vermin

3. Mictlan

4. Erebus

5. Vermin (film clip, never before released)


VO1D – Coming March 8th!