MARTYRDÖD + + på Elm Street (5/3)

MARTYRDÖD + + på Elm Street (5/3)

5. mars kl. 21:00




Elm Street Rock Cafe
Pris: 200,-
Forhåndssalg: Ja
18 års aldersgrense


Age limit: 18 years
Pre sale tickets: Yes
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Martyrdöd unleash intense raw Swedish crustcore with some black metal influences. Ultra powerful metallic käng that drags you into a world of darkness, anger and despair…This band has a distinct style within the strong tradition of Swedish hardcore. The riffs are raw and powerful, with haunting melody over a storm of raw sonic shrapnel. Two guitars trade off sledgehammer riffs and driving melodic leads. Guitarist Micke also now plays in Skitsystem.


Waklevoren was brewed back in 2002, by Bored (ex Trashcan Darlings) & Gorgon V (ex Fuck You All). Longing for recreating the 80..s sound from such bands as Anthrax, SOD, Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front, Slayer and that hammering groove from such bands. The two joined forces with Bølla Brandt from Red Harvest (the three coming from the same birthplace). Apollyon (13) from Aura Noir/Cadaver/Immortal/Lamented Souls etc soon teamed up and after taking one drunk phonecall, Bolt Bergsten (Red Harvest) said yes, and it was finally not just a band on the paper, Waklevoren was a bastard child waiting to earfuck human kind. After thousands of beers and a couple of rehearsals, they finally got their shit together and entered the studio. Magic started happening, or so it is written or proven on their first album. This period is just a mystery to all, since the band itself don..t remember a thing. But things worked out just fine and Wakleworen launched their debut album at Elm Street Rock Cafè (Oslo, Norway)at the of november 2005. A gig that everyone remembers with a huge grin on their faces. Waklevoren can best be explained as a hard punch in your face, leaving anyone wondering "What the fuck was in that beer?!!" These guys won..t be playing much live, since got better things to do, and being busy just simply being. BUT when they plug in somewhere near you, be sure you don..t miss it, these guys are dead-serious, and they will haunt you down! 2007 brought Waklis back to life after a year long silence. Some changes had to be considered and new energy had to be consumed somehow. Bölla Brandt decided to leave the group after five years, a loss of a personality and musician that would be dearly missed. But the band was so eager to continue and found new love and respect in Mr Bestial Tormentor, a long time buddy from band such as Lamented Souls/Infernü/BÖH (Baron Blod). He fitted right in and the whole process of making things work, went smoothly as hell. New songs and conserts were planned, and the ship kept on sailing! In late october 2007 they released a EP called Tiden Lager Allle Sår, a taste of what was further to come. Waklis is stronger than ever and look forward to keep on kicking ass for more years to come! Keep your eyes and ears open, ..cause still hungry AND older!!!


Livstid is a norwegian punkband who plays extreme d-beat.
Similar to alot of swedish hardcore/punk bands. Extreme vocals, fast drums, downtuned guitars and a big dirty sound.

See you there!!