Smakebit fra DYNABYTEs kommende album

Smakebit fra DYNABYTEs kommende album




We are very happy to announce the brand new partnership between Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11 and Industrial Metal band Dynabyte for the  CD release of their new album "2KX",

scheduled for 25 February 2011.



The term 2KX entered the urban dictionary as the popular abbreviation for the year 2010. For DyNAbyte 2010 was the year of the goal! 2KX album had a long gestation: composed between 2007 and 2008, recorded and mixed along 2009 and 2010, "2KX" is the perfect expression of the "DyNAbyte creature", born from the human seed and contaminated by dynamite and technology. "2KX" follows, after six years of silence, the debut album "Extreme Mental Piercing", after which the band took a break to decompress. "2KX", entirely produced, arranged, engineered and mastered by DyNAbyte, is the reasoned outcome of more than three years of work, purely dedicated to music.
"2KX" was released by the band itself on 10/10/10 on an exclusive USB stick, containing the HQ tracks in wav and mp3 format, unreleased band pictures and wallpapers and a special Digital Booklet Flash animation, expressly created by Cadaveria.


Track list:

01 – Equilibrium

02 – F.T.L.

03 – Normal

04 – Hereditary Neuronavigation

05 – Cold Wind of Fear

06 – Artmix

07 – Speed

08 – The Mummy

09 – I’m Not Scared

10 – Stones

11 – Wave

12 – Blinded by my Light



Line up:

Cadaveria – vocals, pathological screaming and LATEX mechanizations

LJ Dusk – guitars, multi-core programming, Trojan affections and idiosyncratic APPs

John – bass, sudo master, ECC and tunings