WHYTE ASH og NUCLEAR ASSAULT til Metal Merchants 2011

WHYTE ASH og NUCLEAR ASSAULT til Metal Merchants 2011

Greetings once again, fellow metalheads!

The time has come to reveal two of our last bands, and to be honest, two great bands, one from when we were kids, and one for the kids of today, both great metal bands for generations to come. In addition to the already announced bands, we feel we’re putting together an extremely strong lineup for 2011 as well, so we are happy to introduce the following two acts:


WHYTE ASH – From the ashes (pun intended to both bands) of Burning Saviours, WHYTE ASH arose. Where Burning Saviours was a critically acclaimed doom band loved by the fans, WHYTE ASH has brought out Swedish heavy metal at its best from the guys. After some PRETTY convincing demo material, 2010 offers the debut album "I Will Remain", which we urge you all to get a hold of as soon as possible. Heavy metal according to old power masters is what we’re looking at, and WHYTE ASH at Metal Merchants Festival 2011 is what YOU are looking forward to!





NUCLEAR ASSAULT – We could rant on and on about NUCLEAR ASSAULTS’S history, but this band you already know, since you’re an old school metal head. Mixing up the American and German way of thrash, adding some hardcore punk tendencies, NUCLEAR ASSAULT produced a couple of the really classic thrash metal albums of the 80’s. This one is a must, peeps! Dang, we’re proud just now!!



So, as said earlier, the place is John Dee, Oslo, January 28th and 29th of 2011, and you can find all info you need at http://www.metalmerchantsfestival.com , and you can get your tickets at http://www.billettservice.no .


These are the confirmed bands for now:











So, we’re of course looking forward to seeing YOU at Metal Merchants Festival 2011!


Best regards,

Mr. Softee Sigurd, Ronny the Pope and Nuclear Stian.