MAX CAVALERA (Soulfly) – It’s like going in a trance

MAX CAVALERA (Soulfly) – It’s like going in a trance

Max Cavalera var stjerna i Sepultura. Han var Sepultura og i manges øyne døde Sepultura da han forlot bandet i 1996. Året etter dannet han Soulfly og det har siden vært hans hovedband. Hans vokale prestasjoner er flere hakk bedre enn hans dyktighet på gitaren, selv om den har fulgt ham siden starten med Sepultura i 1984. Han forteller i dette intervjuet hvem som er hans største inspirasjonskilder og hvilke vokalister han ser mest opp til. Både Tom Warrior, Jeff Becerra, Ozzy og Freddie Mercury nevnes sammen med Joey Ramone og Chris Barnes. Her er The Deepthroat Series med Max Cavalera fra Soulfly.


When did you start doing extreme vocals (What year and at what age)?

It was in 1982. I was 12 years old.

What made you start to do extreme vocals?

We lost our singer so I had to start singing.

Can you describe the technique or the techniques you are using?

No. It's a natural thing that my voice does. It's like going in a trance.

Has your technique changed during your career?

I can hit high notes now and I know how my voice reacts to a song.

Have you ever hurt yourself by using a "wrong technique"?

No, but I have lost my voice once on tour in Europe.


Is there something you do on a regular basis to keep your voice in shape? Any routines?

No, I just do a couple of screams before the show and I'm ready to go.

Do you think it can be dangerous to do extreme vocals?

No, I don't think so. I have done this for over 25 years and still going good.

What is most important for you – to make cool sounds and interesting rhythms, or to have a clear diction/pronunciation?

Be original, have your own voice, so when people hear, they know it's Max, That's the most important.

Do you think that extreme vocals can be made into a science, like "this is how it works for everyone, to make this sound you have to do this etc"? Or is it more intuitive and individual how to do it?

It's personal. Everybody is different. They can study but I doubt they'll ever find out really why you sing the way you do.

Do you have any advice to people who wants to start doing extreme vocals?

Scream a lot and don't give up. Sing from your heart.


Mention three extreme vocalists whose style you admire, and explain your choice. What specifically do you like about the styles of those three? Also mention three vocalists (not necessarily extreme vocalists) which you have been influence by, and explain in which way you have been influenced by each of them.

Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse) – When I first heard Chris, I throught it had to be effects on the voice. It can't be this low, but that's how he sings. It's fucking sick!

Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Triptycon) – Most people compare my old school Sepultura vocals with Tom Warrior's, which to me is awesome. Also, Tom's lyrics were pretty crazy too.

Jeff Becerra (Possessed) – He had such a weird tone in his voice as if he was truly possessed by an evil spirit. Like evil dead and shit like that. I love the vocals on "Seven Churches".

Ozzy – His voice is high and so original it fit the heavy sound of Black Sabbath.

Joey Ramone – Totally original. A great rock ‘n roll singer. Great melodic vocals.

Freddie Mercury – Queen was my first favourite band and Freddie was the ultimate frontman with a killer voice to back him up.