SOILWORK (Speed) – The Panic Broadcast part 1

SOILWORK (Speed) – The Panic Broadcast part 1

SOILWORK er ferdige med sitt nye album "The Panic Broadcast" og Eternal Terror hadde som 1 av 5 nettsider i hele verden gleden av å poste bandets studioblogg. Som en naturlig oppfølging av dette tok vi kontakt med vokalist Björn "Speed" Strid og trommeslager Dirk Verbeuren for å høre litt mer om sluttresultatet. Først ute er Speed.


Before we begin, let me congratulate you with the new album. Does it feel good to finally be done and what is your personal opinion on the album?

Thank you! I really love it and it has shown me a lot of guidance. I have probably heard it a 100 times and would mind to hear it another 100 times, he he.

"The Panic Broadcast" was recorded in the USA, why?

We had an idea of renting a house and Peter had some connections in North Carolina where he lives and found this huge house that seemed really cool. We just liked the idea of combining the home feeling and recording an album. It worked out really good!

I got the impression from your studio diary that the house you used in the states was pretty amazing.

It probably had about 20 rooms and I almost got lost in the beginning. It had really nice surroundings too, right by Lake Norman where you could take nice walks and get fresh air. Everyone had their own room where they could set up their gear and go crazy, it was great!

Why the title "The Panic Broadcast"?

Since this album has been away for me, with the help of Peter to open up and channel the panic anxiety I've been going through in my life, it felt like a natural choice to name the album "The Panic Broadcast". I feel a lot stronger after realizing this album and it feels so real and has so much presence which I believe the title also has.


The lyrics are, also after reading the studio diary, extremely personal. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

They are dealing with a lot of uncomfortable topics, illusions, misconceptions; stuff that I had to go through recently and in the end has made me strong. It feels very satisfying getting all of that out.

Want to let us in on your writing process? Are they all personal or du you use any kind of inspiration like books or something else you have read?

I usually go for what I feel and see, i get inspired from existential movies like "Magnolia" and "Holy Mountain", stuff that makes you think.

Your vocal is very varied on "The Panic Broadcast", from clean melodic vocals to angry screaming and growl. Is this something you work a lot with, to expand your vocal skills?

I'm quite a chameleon both privately and musically and I really like to express myself in many different ways. To listen to all the different vocals I'm doing on this album really shows my personality. I love creating different moods with my vox.

Soilwork have a couple of French dudes on drums and guitars, both originally from Scarve. How does it work with the mixture of French and Swedes?

Well the French language is sometimes very intense and makes you pretty tired actually haha but we work perfect together there's definitely a mutual understanding!


Before we end this one; "The Panic Broadcast has 10 tracks. Can you do a Track by Track on the first 5 songs?

1.     "Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter"  

Perfect opener, very intense but with a groove that few other bands can create. Love the jammy feeling on the solopart.

2.     "2 Lives Worth of Reckoning"

The first single. A perfect verse made for mosh and with a very atmospheric chorus. Very Soilwork. 

3.     "The Thrill"

Bluegrass metal haha. Peter uses a bluegrass technique on the opening riff, very intriguing and groovy. A very haunting c part and a great classic solo.   

4.     "Deliverance Is Mine"  

The angriest song on the album, it takes no prisoners and tells you how it is to your face!  

5.     "Night Comes Clean"

A very progressive song, it's almost like if Annie Lennox, Seal and Rush went metal together.

"The Panic Broadcast" Studioblogg