FURZE søker nytt label

FURZE søker nytt label

FURZE is looking for a new deal.


FURZE finally entered an appropriate studio at early November's full moon 2009 to record the 4th full length album. We don't want to reveal the album title or studio chosen or the already finished front cover artwork before we know a certain release date.. Musically speaking the 6 tracks for this full length have a real groove, feeling; and as usual influenced by the elementary 6 first Black Sabbath albums.


–        The overall atmosphere and lyrics however is doomed to draw the listener towards New challenge in the ever Furzing Triad… 

The Master tapes are not currently in our hands. This press release is meant by means of attracting attention/spread the news to labels that a new Furze album is on the steps. We seek to start negotiations as soon as possible. After 10+ years and many EP and album releases we think it unnecessary to spread promo-material prior to a new album which anyhow risks being spread on the internet before the release is out – which would be horrible!



"It Leads…"

It was all clear to us that this album definitely needed a suiting production. We don't want our original songs/intent/lyrix to suffer from an unoriginal production! We were earlier on too high on the intent/the songs themselves to understand what importance also the production really holds for the total outcome!
It is safe to say that the level of DIY attitude since way before FURZE actually managed to do the first demo in the 90s, has made it a hard road.
The only road…our Path – outside scene schemes with tours, producers, ‘correct studios' etc….that's establishment in our eyes.
  Original power comes forth thru this extremely distanced behavior, where one distill noble drops without ‘adapting news' from any scene; just following the Furzin' inspiration and hopefully create our own news to the world….We believe we have those (news to tell) even though Furze will always be what could be labeled "originally old school" –
We're concentrating  ON the Triad which in our personal case (= "No 1") means: keep the Triad evolving…
Death("3") doesn't evolve.
 Life("1") must take heed, evolve, because of Death.

The divine ("2") evolves – must take heed, because of Death("anti-religion par excellence")

Even outside "our Milky Way", anywhere in space and time,
anywhere there is anything "moving", any plane where there is "movement" –
There is the Lord present far above their reach –
– one day He ("no 3") shall ride in Solitude as the King he's always been..
It leads All –
–  it is "THAT WHICH NEVER STARTED NOR EVER ENDS!" (a sweet torment indeed huh?)

He waits forever – like no one else…

Thus, naming the name of the Blade on The Reaper's scythe;
– forged as our actual band name – makes sense, on the behalf of it's Power position in the hierarchy of The Triad…

THIS leads (and in some cases; inspires) life's deeper waters, fires, air and earth more than most know….

-check your sub consciousness!


Many does not UNDERSTAND what Furze/The Triad is about – so they think its about nothing, or just an ironic tongue-in-cheek! Nothing could be further from the truth. As one should understand, at least, is that we write about a sort of "nihilist-occultism (in lack of a better word) of truth" which somehow leads to all possible results in this world….
Although, let it remain their truth…we're not writing for the stereotypes of metal anyway…


"A-A-A… Black Furzing Metal"

FURZE are conventional enough to hail the revolt Venom did "against" the 70s in the early 80s…However, our task in today's digi-triggi-midi production metal world is to revolt by revitalize, and thus pay tribute to the revolt of the seeds of black metal: Black Sabbath ! There is no other creation in heavy music (except the then unavailable divine BEDEMON recordings !!) existing in the 70s which spawned sinister dark riffs as thoroughly…Occult/dark lyrics existed in rock, yes, but it stopped there… We know a lot of music obscure and known from this decade and still this is our opinion! What Hell of an innovation to make and realize a song like "Black Sabbath" in 1969!!! We think its bloody important to put focus on the organic feel and production ways in metal and just hope that more future musicians will pick this up from the 70s again, and do something personal out of it. After all, its not about mathematics, well, at that time its about having had a good listen to The Reaper, hah!
FURZE/Woe J Reaper covered "Electric Funeral" in March 1998(unreleased 2nd demo) by the way! Adding a funny story; Sabbath's alpha-igniting debut LP was released on Friday the 13th  of February 1970 whilst Furze's "Fresh Tea" song (released on Furze's debut EP in 2000) was fully recorded on Friday the 13th of February 1998 (for the unreleased 2nd demo)!  And now, February 2010; its 40th anniversary for the almighty Sabbath!

These days bands often do 4-5 different versions of their albums…we'll do 2 versions: LP and CD. But then again, you will get two different album versions: first off, the LP will be a fucking

 A-A-A production! This is a dream come true! Analogue recording, Analogue mixing AND(!) Analogue Mastering; which was helluva ride to get a hold of nowadays (totally analogue mastering is only possible to do directly unto an acetate/mother vinyl or unto tape)!! The CD is then of course an A-A-D production, the last step, the Mastering, is doomed to be digitalized.. So the sound on each format will differ, definitely!!  The finished frontcover is also something we're totally enthusiastic about, it fits the music like mauve fits ravens.


                    This album is dedicated to the memory of the ‘70-‘75 era of Black Sabbath.
             – without whose existence – the dark Masterflame of Metal would no Reality see …