Cliteater kommer endelig på Norgesbesøk etter jul og det er metalfolket i Oslo og Trondheim som er de heldige som får besøk av disse klitorisspisende nederlenderne i januar. Ivan Ciujpers, bandets gitarist og grunnlegger ble kontaktet for å spre litt info om dem før deres Norgesbesøk. La oss håpe, etter å ha lest dette intervjuet, at det frister med et besøk enten på Fru Lundgreen 22. januar eller på Elm Street dagen etter.



Please tell us about the band members and what they do in the band.

Our band exists with about 4 members. On vocals we have Joost, also known as singer from Inhume. On drums we have a new drummer called Martijn. He replaced Morris who left the band in the summer of 2009 after 7 years of dedication. Martijn is really the best what could happen for the band and we are really happy with him. On bass we have Vedran. On this moment he is traveling around the globe for a year so his place is replaced by Robbie Rockstar, a well known and good friend of the band. My self (Ivan) are responsible for the guitar and pitch vocals.

Could you please give us a brief outline of the history of the band?

Vedran and I started the band in 2001 as a project near our main band Grobar. No drummer or singer, just bass, guitar, pitch and drum computer. After a demo Joost joined the band. We signed a record deal and after a search we found Morris and recorded the first CD "Clit e'm All". The CD where sold out in one week and the label could not finance a 2nd pressing so Restrain Records re-released the first album and also did the 2nd album "Eat Clit or Die". We found a 2nd guitar player Analex. In the meanwhile we played gigs all over Europe and did some great fests like Obscene Extreme and Fuck the Commerce with a small Euro tour together with Dead Infection. In 2006 No Escape released a split cd with Suppository and we toured the USA and Canada and played on the Maryland Deathfest. Analex left the band and we found a new guitar player Susan. In 2007 we signed a record deal With Morbid records but the company collapsed and War Anthem Records released our 3rd full length "Scream Bloody Clit" in 2008. After the release Susan left the band and she's now playing in God Dethroned.  I had a nasty accident on my job and could not play guitar for 8 months. We started again in January 2009 and played more and more gigs. Morris left the band in the summer 2009 and Martijn replaced him. In December 2009 we do again a Euro tour and in February 2010 we do a big Euro tour. Also Sevared Records is going to re-release the first 2 albums in North America and we panning now again a trip over there. In the meantime we play as much as possible and write new songs. We already played big fests like Party San Open Air, Deathfeast Open Air, 3 times Obscene Extreme, Fuck the Commerce and many others.

For those who for one reason or another haven't hear or heard of Cliteater… guide us to your homepage…:


The name of the band… tell us about it, how/why did you choose this name?

Joost came with the lyrics of the song "Cliteater" and we all said, woooow this is a cool band name. Short, extreme, understandable and in some way easy to remind so that's why we choose the name. After all, this name gave us lots of troubles ha ha, but we don't care, it's just a band name.

The creative process of making the music… tell us a bit about how you create new music?

It's very easy. We just jam something in the rehearsal room and if it sounds cool, we keep it and melt it to a song. When all music is written, Joost is going to fit the lyrics and that's all.

Where do you draw your influences from, musically and non-musically? What if any is the key element(s) in your lyrics?

Musically: I listen to all kinds of music and studied music. I try to combine different types of song structures in a deathgrind coat and if it sounds cool, we keep it. I don't like music which is monotone cause I get very fast bored of it.
Lyrically: Joost uses lots of topics. Most people think we only sing about pornshit, but after all we are not a porngrind band. It's only the name that gives that suggestion.  He sings about things he see on TV, and read in books and try to make a fictive/humoristic  story around a topic like murderess, serial killers, senseless violence, nature disasters, politics, war, mental disorder, religion, horror and personally things.

Could you describe with your own words the different albums so far?

"Clit e'm all" was the first and the music was written in 2 days. The songs are more easy than the songs we made after this cd and this cd is in my opinion the most related grind CD we made. "Eat clit or die" was written in one year and was more a groovier album with new elements but the sound is in my opinion not the most favorite one. Split CD is one of my favorite. It's a combination between the first 2 albums and it's the only album I still listen in my car ha ha. "Scream Bloody Clit" has the best songs and is the most complete album of what we have to offer nowadays.

I know there is studio plans laid out for June 2010… what can we expect from this?

I don't know cause we only have written 2 songs for the upcoming album The Great Southern Clitkill. But this studio (Soundlodge) is a great studio with professional people and we are 100% motivated to make an old school groovy deathgrind album. Can't wait to hit it!!

What is your goal with Cliteater? World domination or local superstardom?

Being respected from the scene and have lots of fun with the guys. See something from the world and staying healthy is more worth than world domination or local stardom.

Could you please tell us a bit about the Dutch metal scene and compare it to the rest of the world?

I think for such a little country, we have some good bands in Holland. But as you maybe know, we try to play as much as possible in foreign countries and not in Holland cause when you played 4 gigs, the whole scene has seen you 4 times and then you get bored in Holland ha ha, so It's rare when we play with Dutchies on the same stage. Some bands who I like a lot are: Citizens Patrol, F.U.B.A.R., Rompeprop, DrDoom, Legion of the Damned, Collision, Inhume, Blood Bastard, Skullhoq, Sevare Torture, Cirith Gorgor and many more.

Live vs Studio time… which one do you prefer and why?

I hate studio because I don't have patience so give me live. It's cool to play for people who enjoying your music and share some beers after the show.


Every band that's been around for some time has one or more highlights… what is yours?

Each time when we hit the tour van and drive in another country is always a big highlight for me personally. Meet new people, cultures and landscapes. Play your music live and have some good memories for later. We also shared the stage with big bands, who where my youth hero's and now we share the same stage, that is crazy!! Party san open air in 2007 and Maryland Deathfest where the best shows for me. Also a huge moment was a guy who was telling me that his wife was passed away and he had to raise a child. Each time when he woke up he listen to our music and that was a therapy for him, what was pushing him trough his life. That was also a Goosebumps moment!

What do you know about the Norwegian metal scene apart from the history of the Black Metal scene here?

I know your country as a Black Metal country and that your beer and cigarettes is very expensive, you use Norge Crowns and Ronya the robberdaughter lives in the fjords with her family. Also my favorite animal the Killer Whale can be spotted there and when I have the money I go once there to see them alive. Also your country is famous for it's Jazz music. Ever heard of Jan Garbarek? He combined Jazz with Norwegian traditional music. But probably it's to sissy for most of the readers of this, but I really can listen to it. And Maria Mena of course ha ha.

Have you ever played in Norway? Are we in your future plans?

No we never did but we shall do 2 gigs on January 2010 in Norway so prepare for some real eat and clit damage. More info you can see on our myspace! We are looking forward to drink with you guys!

Finally… what is your choice of Disney Character(s) and why?

Best question of the interview hahahaha, no just kidding. Pffff Disney, I guess Ballou the bear of Junglebook. He rules!