4 nye inkludert MUSE til Roskilde 2010

4 nye inkludert MUSE til Roskilde 2010

Four new acts to Roskilde Festival 2010

Muse is one of the most requested bands among Roskilde Festival's audience. The festival is therefore pleased to welcome them back.

British band Muse joins the programme alongside three Danish acts, The Kissaway Trail, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and C.V. Jørgensen.

This Roskilde December is out of the ordinary. The festival's online Advent calendar offers new acts. At the same time, other names are confirmed, and so the following four report ready for Roskilde Festival 2010.

MUSE (UK) is one of the most requested acts among Roskilde Festival's audience. The festival is pleased to welcome this major band back. Muse shows traces of Queen, U2 and Radiohead. However, front man Matthew Bellamy's level of ambition makes most references seem small once the trio aims the lazer canons at distant galaxies. Often the band brings an arsenal of lighting that matches the flamboyant future rock.

THE KISSAWAY TRAIL (DK) play alternative rock with a melodic confidence and have already won international respect for their both easy-on-the-ear and faceted debut album. The long-awaited follow-up, Sleep Mountain, is released in March. The first single "SDP" indicates that we are in for another cornucopia of grandiose arrangements and vocal harmonies. This is Danish indie rock heading towards the same international skies as Mew and Figurines.

DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY (DK) were the biggest Danish rock band in the mid-90s. They split up in 1998 but have recently announced a Reunion Tour 2010. And of course, the Danish heroes should play the biggest music festival in Scandinavia. The trio made Danish music history with a batch of songs that had the rocking energy from Led Zeppelin and the special melodic touch from The Beatles.

C.V. JØRGENSEN (DK) is one of the most cherished songwriters and poets in Denmark. His concert at Roskilde Festival will be a celebration of both the artist's incomparable back catalogue and his extensive Roskilde CV. The festival has had the honour of the great artist's presence eight times already and is proud to have him back again.