Billigere billetter til ROSKILDE

Billigere billetter til ROSKILDE

Cheaper tickets to Roskilde Festival 2010

The ticket to Roskilde Festival 2010 is cheaper – photo: Nanna Kreutzmann / Rockphoto

The ticket sale has just started, and festival-goers can buy tickets at the price of € 225. That is € 15 cheaper compared to 2009.

With a ticket price of € 225 (for other currencies, see below), Roskilde Festival defies both price development and increasing booking fees. The 2010 price marks an unusual price fall of € 15 compared to 2009.

"In recent years we have been pressured by price increases on especially live music, which has affected our ticket price. Yet, we want to make sure that young people with a limited income can also afford having fun at Roskilde Festival. This goes, not least, for people from our neighbouring countries that are more afflicted by price increases. We have therefore decided for the coming festival season to lower the price. This is possible by tough prioritizing in our budgeting," says managing director Henrik Rasmussen.

One-day tickets in 2010
After numerous requests from the audience, Roskilde Festival introduced one-day tickets for the first time in 2009. This ticket type is for sale again to the coming festival – to a limited extent.

"Roskilde Festival will always be primarily about the total experience over eight days. At the same time we want to open up to audiences who may not have the energy for a whole week or who cannot get off work. Of course, we also hope to attract new people, so that they after such a "taster" buy an all-week ticket the following year," says Henrik Rasmussen.

One-day tickets cost DKK 850 (approx. € 114) each and are sold with a limit of few thousand tickets per day.

Ticket prices in all available currencies for all-week access to Roskilde Festival 2010:

  • DKK 1,675
  • EUR 225
  • NOR 1,890
  • SEK 2,335
  • GBP 200