Studioupdate fra DARK FUNERAL

Studioupdate fra DARK FUNERAL

Ave Everyone!

It's been a really tuff and hectic schedule for us during the past couple of weeks, but I shall not complain. It actually feels amazingly good to be super busy again with the band, and especially spending time in the studio recording a new album.

On the weekends we have played festivals around Europe. It's been a blast indeed! And on the weekdays we have, and are still, located at the Abyss Studio, recording what surly will become yet another masterpiece, no doubt!

I must admit that while I/we have been writing for this album my personal impression has been that the material is somewhat slower, not as technical etc compared to our previous albums. And I actually thought it would become like a 50/50 split with fast and non blastbeat songs. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Bpm-wise we have, in all honestly, toned it down a bit compared to it precursor, but now, when all the music is recorded, my impressions have changed drastically. This is for sure our most intense and technical album to date. It is also our most varied album. And each song surly offers its own unique and personal touch.

Dominator, our new drummer, offers the most amazing drum-work ever on a Dark Funeral record. And whether you like our kind of music or not, I'm absolutely sure that you will be totally stunned when you hear what this beast can, and do behind the kit.

Now, how about hooking up Mr Dominator with some drum endorsement?

Tama drums have been kind enough to endorse him and us during the studio session, and it's of course highly appreciated. But this guy surly deserves full drum endorsements without a doubt! Let the bidding war begin…

At this very moment E.M Caligula is working on the vocals. Unfortunately I can't tell much about that just yet, but for what I know he will put on his best and most varied vocal performance ever. And I'm as curious as all of you to hear the final result. I'm however totally confident that he'll blow us all away!

More news to come…

Lord Ahriman

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