ROSKILDE med 5 nye navn

ROSKILDE med 5 nye navn

Niche music to Roskilde Black Dice, The Chap, The Dodos, Fucked Up and Steinski add colouring to this year's poster.

This Monday Roskilde Festival presents a handful of the lesser known acts. Acts like these add edge and character from the smaller stages to the music programme.

BLACK DICE (US) cultivate their own twisted rave music – which will probably not sound quite normal until year 2090. The New Yorker trio's concerts are sonic total attacks full of electronic trance rhythms, free-flowing synthesizers and African percussion.

THE CHAP (UK) puts together disco, funk, electronica and disturbing experimental rock in a changeable mix – so that the outcome almost sounds like a meeting between concept rockers The Residents and electro popsters Hot Chip.

THE DODOS (UK) take their starting point in percussion-based tribal music, which Animal Collective have also explored on their early albums. But The Dodos also know how to write ear-catchers, which they prove on the breakthrough album Visiter.

FUCKED UP (US) plays aggressive punk rock with a serious agenda, which has won the band lots of praise – not least because of the latest masterpiece, The Chemistry of Common Life. Black Flag's raw energy and Hüsker Dü's musical curiosity are retrieved with Fucked Up – but their life-affirming shows throw the band's visionary anger into even sharper relief.

STEINSKI (US) has since the early 80s broken ground for today's pirate artists such as DJ Shadow, Girl Talk and The Avalanches. Much of Steinski's influential music has been banned because of copyright issues – it was not until recently that What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective was released.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…
Wednesday is Roskilde Festival's traditional announcement day – but this Monday the festival just could not help itself. More new acts are coming on Wednesday.