Gratis tog til Graspop

Gratis tog til Graspop



Graspop Metal Meeting, SNCB and De Lijn join forces to carry you in a safe and smooth way to the festival site. You train journey and bus ride with De Lijn to the festival site in Dessel are actually included in your ticket!


There are no night trains. Last train from Mol station to Antwerp: 21h57. Last train from Mol station to Hasselt: 22h11 on Friday and 21h13 on Saturday and Sunday. You can always check the exact timetable at   Not all festival tickets are a valid train ticket. Below you will find a survey of all the different types of festival tickets and the accompanying terms of use.



These tickets are valid as a train ticket for one outward journey and one return journey in second class from any Belgian station to Mol and for the final outward and return lap with buses from De Lijn from Mol station to the festival site in Dessel between Thursday 26 June (10am) until Monday 30 June.


The festival goers must keep their admission ticket. They alwasy have to be able to present their ticket in the train or on the bus, as well during their outward jouney as during their return journey.



These vouchers need to be exchanged at the box office of the festival site for a corresponding Graspop admission ticket.


The vouchers are valid as a ticket for ONE single journey in second class from any Belgian station to Mol and for the final lap Mol station – festival site with buses of De Lijn between Thursday 26 June (10am) until the last day of validity mentioned on these tickets.


You alway have to be able to present the vouchers during the outward journey.


The vouchers are NOT valid for the return journey. Only the admission ticket, received at the box office of Graspop, is valid as a train ticket for the return journey to any Belgian station which is permitted until Monday 30 June.  

VIP and PRESS invitations

People holding a VIP or PRESS ACCREDITATION may NOT travel free on the train or bus.



If you buy an e-festival ticket for Graspop, then you also need a free e-train ticket. An e-festival ticket is not a valid SNCB ticket. Your e-train ticket allows you to travel one outward journey in second class between your (Belgian) departure station and the station of Mol from 10 am on Thursday 26/06/2008 until the (final) day of validity of your e-festival ticket. You are also allowed to use a bus of De Lijn between Mol station and the festival site.
At the cash desk of Graspop your e-festival ticket will be exchanged for an ordinary admission ticket, which is automatically valid for your return journey by bus to the station of MOL and the return journey by train. Hence, your free e-train ticket is not valid for your return journey. A return journey is possible until Monday 30/06/2008.


How to download your e-trainticket?

An e-trainticket is always personal, so it is not transferable, not exchangeable and it cannot be cancelled. Order your e-trainticket only if you are sure about the passenger's name.


You can only order a free e-train ticket as from 27/05/2008 and if you already have an e-festival ticket for Graspop. Each Graspop e-festival ticket contains a personal SNCB code. Each SNCB code entitles you to one personalized e-train ticket. You can order your free e-train ticket for Graspop on the site of "SNCB Ticket on line".

Click here to go to ‘SNCB Ticket on line' (select ‘Buy Your Ticket').