Nyoppstartede Fallen Booking i samarbeid med Neseblod Records kan med stolthet presentere:


Hver kveld byr på gamle kjente og noen nye band. Alle innom sjangeren ekstrem-metal! Vi har hentet inn band fra land som England, Australia, Finland, Tyskland såvel som Sverige og Norge.

Fredagen vil det innom kort komme ett siste band!

Av DJ`s som selvsagt er i 1.avdeling kan vi tilby kvalitetsmetal fra :

DJ Hellbe – resident DJ på flere klubber i Stockholm i tillegg til å spille på alle mulig metalbåter i Sveriges land.


DJ Hellbutcher – ene halvdelen av hårdrocksbrødrerna og vokalist i legendariske Nifelheim som også spiller lørdag.




In the end of 2000 an obscure being felt the need to form a veryprimitive orchestra, through which his madness could be channeled.After some time of searching he found two other maniacs sharing hisvision, and the band was a fact. The 10th of September 2001 the nameTerrorama was preliminary taken, and the following days deeds was seenas a sign from below to keep it.

The first demo, 'Misanthropic Genius', was recorded and spread outworldwide. After a few line-up changes the debut album, 'Horrid Efface'was recorded and released through Nuclear War Now productions in 2004.


Earlyrehersals, with Juck (ex. Treblinka/Tiamat), Alex (ex. Oceanlift) andJonas (ex. Void/Massive), during early 2007 formed Mr. Death. However,it was not until the end of summer 2007 when Jocke (ex. DigressionAssassins) joined the band and Mr.Death started for real. We recruitedStefan (ex. Treblinka/Tiamat/Expulsion) in the beginning of 2008 andsince then the band is complete.

In March 2008, Mr. Death entered the unholy grounds of SunlightStudio to record the debut demo 'Unearthing', together with TomasSkogsberg.


Founded anno 2001. Ugly, disharmonic and hateful Norwegian Black Metal. FOAD.



In november 2005 Harry (Bass) formed a band with the intention of bringing the spirits of the past back to life.

The goal was to play old-school thrash metal in the vain of Venom,Celtic Frost, Slayer, Exodus, Possessed, Assassin, Kreator and Razor.

Oneyear later, after many line-up changes, a band consisting of Harry(Bass), Hasse (Guitar/ vocals), Micke (Guitar) and Nicke (Drums)started rehearsing.

In febrary 2007 we entered studio Hell for the recording of ourdebut-demo 'Emissaries of the Reaper', handsigned and limited to 200copies. The demo sold very good and we had to release yet anotherhundred copies. The first of december it was released as a 7' EP bygermany's Anger of Metal records.

Die Hard's first gig was in gothenburg in september, supportingnorwegian doomband Syrach. A month later we played at The Little Devilin Tilburg, Holland, and in december we hit Berlin with Warrant,Fingernails and Hatred.

In january 2008 Micke and Nicke decided to leave Die Hard and werereplaced by Håkan (Drums). After a few months of intense rehearsing thetrio enter Studio Blueflame to record the upcoming 7' EP 'Evil AlwaysReturn'.

Thrash Til Death!!!


Witha passion to create the most brutal metal around, Daniel Vala (bass& vocals), Jan Johansson (guitar) and Jörgen Lindhe (guitar) formedObscurity in 1985. However, since there almost wasn't any extreme metalmusicians in the whole south of sweden by the time, it almost became anightmare to find a suitable drummer. Consequently, the first six trackdemo tape from 1986, 'Ovations to Death', was recorded with theguitarists slamming on the drum kits. It received an overwhelmingresponse in the underground metal scene, and the foundation was set forthe forthcoming demo tape from 1987, Damnations Pride. This time thesongs were more structured, well composed and played by a real drummer,Valentin. With this four track recording, Obscurity earned a greatreputation worldwide.

Sadly, the band split up in 1988, but a CD containing the old demotapes and two additional tracks was released in 1998. Also two vinylsingles were made out of these two cult demo tapes in 1997.  InFebruary 2007 Obscurity reunited with a new drummer, Martin Brorsson,to rehearse for a few comeback gigs in 2008. Nowadays, Obscurity is alegendary and respected band in the black metal scene, and oftenmentioned as the pioneers of swedish black/death metal.


Adorior was spawned of slut and abattoir semen in the
festering pits of the United Kingdom in the year 1994.
The demo 'Beyond the Distant Blue' was released in
1996 and the band were quickly signed to Norway's
'Head Not Found' records.

Adorior then excreted the album 'Like Cutting the
Sleeping' (1998).
After loosing it's drummer to Satan, the band took
drugs and insulted the rest of the homosexual Metal
scene, whilst finding the time between orgies with the
Goat to execute some pussy punishing live rituals with
a session drummer.

Adorior have laid waste to the world once more
recording the gang – rape split LP HATER OF FUCKING
HUMANS, with Witchmaster, released by Agonia records

In December 2004 Adorior spewed forth its second cunt
spreading album recorded at Necromorbus studios



'Watainwas formed in 1998 and have since then released three fullength albums;'Rabid Death's Curse' in 2000, 'Casus Luciferi' in 2003 and now, in2007, the highly acclaimed Sworn to the Dark. The latest album, havingbeen refered to as 'The most important Black metal release of themillenia', marked a groundbreaking step in Watain's victorious crusade.Never since the glory days of Mayhem and Venom had such sinistermusicbeen performed with this kind of creative passion and genius!After nine years of bone-hard work and iron will, Watain took theirplace in the Black Metal hierarchy as the new usurpers of it's throne.
Theband has embarked on several European tours throughout their career,reaching all around the world, alongside bands such as Dissection,Celtic Frost and Kreator. This together with their extensive list ofexclusive gigs and festival-appearances has resulted in Watain becomingglobally infamous and highly acclaimed for their blood-drenchedperformances, being hyper-intense ceremonies of radiant magic and theblackest metal fanatism.
Watain performs Black Metal in it'soriginal form; dangerous, passionate, sinister and magical. Drenched inblood, swept in mystery.


Nifelheim was forged upon the anvil of wrath in the the year 1990
by Tyrant, Helbutcher and Demon.
Alreadyat this point the band played pure Black Metal in the way of the oldcult with black leather, spikes and chains, And made songs like Unholydeath, Satanic sacrifice, Sodomizer etc. This were years before theblack metal explotion, and when it came Nifelheim soon became famousfor being the Chainsaw in the Norwegian forest…
In 1994 the first album was recorded and puzzeled people as it did notsound at all like all the other bands that were popping up everywhere,and by this divided the real headbangers from the trend children.

In 1997 the second album 'Devil's Force' was recorded and spread darkness over the world with it's cruel and morbid sound.

2000 the third studio album 'Servants of Darkness' was released. Ofcourse in the same style as always before but this time with an evenmore dark atmosphere!

After 'Servants of Darkness' the banddecided to create a new line up consisting of five members to be ableto play live. And so they did, the band soon got famous for being oneof the most intense live acts with a show filled over the the top withspikes studs leather blood fire and death!

2003 was the 13th year of the band and a compilation of old andrare recordings were released called '13 years'. Released only on vinyland cassette.

2006 the band released a Split Ep with the first brazilian black metal band Vulcano.
Limited edition of 1200 sold out in one week.

Duringthe years the bands cult status have heen growing more and more thanksto the bands totally uncompromising and unique sound and attitude.
And now finally the fourth studio album is finished!
The new album 'Envoy of Lucifer' is not polluted by any moderninfluences from the awful 1990s or shitty present decade, and onceagain even darker and more aggressive then ever before!! Total Death!!!

Fuck Off!!!



Degial was founded year 2004 under the name Degial of Embos.
2006 was the year for the first demo recording under the name Degial.
Later this year a 7' EP will be released on Blood Harvest.
3 tracks of Total Death Metal Destrucion.
Degial is and will only be:
H.Death – Guitars and vocals
R.Meresin – Guitars
J.Sodomy – Bass
E.Forcas – Drums
Do not miss this swedish underground death metal sensation.
Prepare for Blood, Death and Damnation.


SKITLIVwas formed in Norway in 2005 by Maniac, former vocalist of Mayhem -primarily as a means for him to comment on the inevitable downfall ofhumanity – but also because after leaving Mayhem, he was now ready toexorcise his own personal demons.

SKITLIV plays non-music for non-people in a non-world. They do notreally care if you like it or not…it is a fountain of shit in a worldof shit. Now pull me slowly back into the arms of the beloved wife thatsomehow proclaimed in utter ignorance that this world is shit, but Ihave to live with it anyway. The true demon-flowers rises again. All Iwould drop in their graves would be cigarette butts.


SLAVIA with members of Taake, Disiplin and Black Flame has a style and sound that exudes anger as hotly as napalm burning flesh.
SLAVIA  is representative of upper echelon music, and this recordingfurther proves that Black Metal is arguably the most diverse genre ofMetal due to SLAVIA's use of Industrial elements, sporadic Rock-N-Rollriffs ala-Venom, and fucking raw mesmerizing sections.

They tell, they are not told!


ThrashMetal is no temporary phenomenon of fashion, no cross-product, nocircus act. Actually it's the total opposite: Thrash Metal is a way oflife, a philosophy, where a musician is involuntary driven to the musicand just can't escape. Real Thrashers celebrate this music stylepassionately their whole lives, totally committed, and with a strongconviction. Sabina Classen has been, for the last 25 years, the drivingforce behind Holy Moses, one of the most important German Thrash Metalbands of all time. With her unique voice (also respectfully known asthe 'female vocals from hell') and her unstoppable energy, Holy Moses,with a small break between 1995 and 1999 (when Sabina released twoalbums as Temple of the Absurd), have been constantly established atthe top of the international Thrash movement.