DISKORD og Oslo Death Fest

DISKORD og Oslo Death Fest

Oslo Death Fest

On 2008-04-18 (that's right, this Friday), DISKORD will appear at Club Maiden to celebrate the vibrant Norwegian underground death metal scene. The deadly festivities will be spread over two days, with the following full lineup (in reversed playing order):

The Allseeing I
The Sickening

Grotesque Hysterectomy

CC NOK 100 each day. Don't miss out on this rare occasion to see the forefront of the Norwegian DM scene on one stage!

Diskord @ YouTube

Our recent performance at the Inferno Festival was videotaped in full HD quality (thanks, Joakim!). Out on YouTube are some heavily compressed, but still enjoyable, clips from that gig. More videos will be added, so watch this spot: http://youtube.com/results?search_query=diskord

Interview by Imhotep

A well-written, in-depth interview with our lead (and only!) guitarist Espen can be found on the website of long-running Norwegian underground metal magazine Imhotep: http://www.imhotep.no/?did=9078011

The Slottsfjell Festival

We are proud to announce that DISKORD will make an appearance at this years Slottsfjell Festival in Tønsberg, Norway! Also appearing are 1349 and Blood Red Throne, and for those of you that enjoy music outside the boundaries defined by 'metal', you can catch artists like De Lillos, Kent, Gogol Bordello, Woven Hand and many more. For the full story, check http://www.slottsfjellfestival.no/


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