BEHEMOTH og KRUX til Inferno

BEHEMOTH og KRUX til Inferno


Behemoth and Krux


BEHEMOTH have always pushed the limits of their abilities and defied the boundaries of death and black metal. Now, the Polish metal kings have returned with a new offering. Originally formed by a teenage Nergal in 1991, BEHEMOTH quickly made a name for themselves in black metal circles. As an unstoppable live force, constantly on worldwide touring, the group has more than solidify themselves as one of the genre's most exciting artists. BEHEMOTH has become the most talked about act due to their vicious and unrelenting live show, which has given them a whole legion of devoted fans. While most bands struggle to evolve and stay vital within the extreme music genre, BEHEMOTH manages to do so effortlessly. The Apostasy is destined to continue the legacy.


Black Sabbath, Wagner, Trouble and the hardships of life are the main inspirations for KRUX, who took both journalists and fans of massive metal by storm with their self-titled 2002 debutalbum. KRUX quickly established themselves as a doomforce to be reckonened with thanks to the monumental sound and deliciously brutal songs.

The line-up of KRUX is impressive – to say the least:
Leif Edling (Candlemass' legendary songwriter), bass
Mats Levén (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion), vocals
Jörgen Sandström (ex Entombed, Vicious Art), guitar
Fredrik Åkesson (Arch Enemy), lead guitar
Peter Stjärnvind (ex Entombed, Nifelheim), drums
Carl Westholm (Carp Tree), keyboards, mellotron, moog etc…

Get ready for the Heavy Epic Metal invasion @ Inferno 2008!!


Previously Announced

Satyricon (Norway)

Satyricon, one of greatest bands in black metal's history will enter the Rockefeller stage as headliner during the Inferno Metal Festival 2008 Never a band to reiterate the obvious, the Oslo-based two-piece of Frost (drums) and Satyr (vocals, all other instruments) has made a remarkable career out of shaping the true core of one of the most uncompromising and extreme genres in musical history. Their aim has always been to explore the musical logic behind the darkest emotions, to add a defined aural structure to the metaphysical darkness of human existence.

Destruction (Germany)

"Destruction defined Thrash Metal in the 1980's and are one of the true forefather's of extreme music". Scott Ian. Anthrax.

Destruction have written and continue to write true metal history. Surely, there's no metal-head out there who didn't bang his fucking head to anthems like "Mad Butcher", "Curse The Gods" or "Life Without Sense"?Since releasing their debut album "Sentence Of Death" in 1984, the name Destruction stands for tough-minded, dynamic and unadulterated Thrash Metal. During their career, the guys have taken little notice of trends, images and "what the others are doing". They've simply got on creating their own quality music and bringing their own slant to the world of the thrash riff: Destruction in 2007 still stands for old school Thrash Metal.

Tulus (Norway)

During the Inferno Metal Festival we will witness the return of an Old Norwegian giant; Tulus. After several years of slumbering, the cult spoken beast has awoken to yet again bring us raw and filthy old school Norwegian black metal at it's very best. Tulus has awoken.

Shining (Sweden)

The legendary Swedish black metal band Shining will do an exclusive concert at The Inferno Metal Festival 2008.

This is will not be a night for the weak and sensitive, as Shining is known for their expression of hate, depression and suicide in extreme stage shows.

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