DHG – Oslo – Oslo, Club Maiden

DHG – Oslo – Oslo, Club Maiden

At the Inferno of 2007, DHG (Dødheimsgard) played in front of a totally packed Rockefeller and amazed everyone. The band hadn't been on stage for so many years so everyone got a punch in the face from the outstanding performance and of course the new material.

It wasn't long since Inferno Festival and the DHG super heroes, wanted to test their powers for a second time here in Oslo, at the club Maiden. The fans also wanted to see the arranged gig, a gig dedicated to DHG, showing that what they got from the Inferno appearance wasn't enough for them…and Hell it wasn't!


            It was the 9th of June, around 20:00 and people started making a crowd inside the club Maiden. The weather was extremely hot, and the atmosphere inside the club was a bit suffocating…but anyway.

Nebular Mystic with spikes and corpsepaint, got on stage and delivered a really cool black metal set list. The sound was surprizingly good and the good light engineering helped them to have an even better outcome.

For me it was the second time seeing them live (first time if i remember right was at the Inferno of 2004…?), and i must say that this time they amazed me with how tight and massive their playing is.

The audience rewarded with it's applause the band's really good performance. Unfortunatelly, i am not familiar with the band's releases and i didn't manage to get the setlist so…my sincere apologies.


            The heat was horrible so we had to take a break and a beer outside…a few minutes passed and DHG's really cool intro, the "Dushman" from the new album "Supervillain Outcast" sounded from the speakers.

Lots of smoke on stage and everyone rushaed, trying to approach the scene, something that made the breathing in the almost sold out gig a hard thing to accomplish.



The band started with the song "The Crystal Specter" from the album "Monumental Possession". KAOS. The fans were in some sort of paranoia (including me). Quite a good sound which helped later on the band to perform the things that they can perform. The only "annoying" thing in a way was the tremendous amount of smoke as at times you couldn't breath, you couldn't see, you couldn't take pictures…


The band performed really good, showing the advanced skill they possess and also developing their advanced insanity. In comparison with the Inferno performance, what i can say is that this performance was more powerfull, more insane and more extreme…it was DHG's night so, yeah it should be like that!

            Khvost the newest member of DHG was apparently more confident and less stressed compared to the Inferno's performance and proved that he is a good frontman on stage while keeping his vocal standards in an extremely top level. Thrawn, Clandestine and Vicotnik were headbanging all the time showing that they were enjoying their moments of success..moments of pleasure indeed. The CD got amazing reviews worldwide, top reviews from the press here in Norway, so a really good concert would fit perfectly with the already great feelings. And since the band was absent for so many years, it was for sure good for them seeing that their efforts for all these years are being rewarded.

            Being at the front drunk and headbanging doesn't help you to memorize or write down set lists…In not the exact order DHG delivered as the songs : The Crystal Scepter, Monumental Possession, En Krieg å Seire, Starcave Depths and Chained, Final Conquest, Traces of Reality, Vendetta Assassin, The Snuff Dreams Are Made Off, The Ville Delinquents, Apocalypticism, Supervillain Serum, 21st Century Devil. I am really sorry if i am actually forgetting something…

            The concert was for sure a huge success, leaving a big smile both to the band and the audience. DHG proved that all these years of absense weren't just for nothing…And the audience proved that after all these years hadn't forgotten this great band…DHG actually managed to build a really powerfull core of extremely devoted fans during the years of absense! …And now they just enjoy the fun of being Supervillain Outcasts!