WATAIN ut i Europa sammen med IMPIETY

WATAIN ut i Europa sammen med IMPIETY


Current release: "Sworn to the Dark" (3 panel digipak + 16 page booklet)
MP3 – Sworn to the Dark – Sworn To The Dark

It is now official, WATAIN will head out on a full-scale European crusade in October – the Storm of the Antichrist tour – alongside the ancient Asian warbeast IMPIETY. This will be WATAIN's first headliner tour in Europe, following the April release of the highly acclaimed "Sworn to the Dark". Tourdates hereunder.

"From the vaults below the desert-temple, to the throne among the stars… Sweden's Black Metal Magicians have been burning and pillaging their way through the Black Metal scene ever since their cursed birth. Notoriously infamous for their blood-soaked, fiery live-perfomances and morbid ways, WATAIN have many times been refered to as "the new usurpers of the Black Metal throne". Their third album "Sworn to the Dark" was released in early 2007 and was welcomed worldwide as one of the most important releases of the genre in years. After having toured the world with bands like DISSECTION, CELTIC FROST and ANGELCORPSE, it is now time for WATAIN's first headliner tour in Europe. Beware… The werewolves of Satan have been unleashed!"


11 Oct 07 Dortmund (DE) Das Zentrum
12 Oct 07 Arnhem (NL) Ghoudvishal
13 Oct 07 London (UK) TBA
14 Oct 07 Gent (BE) Frontline
15 Oct 07 Rennes (FR) TBA
18 Oct 07 Milan (IT) Transilvania Live
19 Oct 07 Padova (IT) Country Star
20 Oct 07 Salzburg (AT) TBA
21 Oct 07 Ljubljana (SI) Orto Bar
23 Oct 07 Budapest (HU) Blue Hell
24 Oct 07 Katowice (PL) Mega Club
25 Oct 07 Zielona Gora (PL) TBA
26 Oct 07 Berlin (GER) K17
27 Oct 07 Bitterfeld (DE) Festung
28 Oct 07 Nurnberg (DE) Z-Bau