Soloalbum fra Thomas Hansen (GAIA EPICUS)

Soloalbum fra Thomas Hansen (GAIA EPICUS)

Epicus Records is happy to announce the release date for the debut solo album from Thomas Chr. Hansen. Thomas is the main man of Norwegian Power Metallers Gaia Epicus and the album will be released on the 12th of October 2007.

The album will have 11 songs and 8 of these songs are instrumental songs. All instruments are played by Thomas except a few small guest parts with trumpets, flute and female vocals. The music is set to be melodic Hard Rock / Metal with some progressive elements.


ThomasHansen_solo.jpgAlbum track list:
1.Like a shadow
2.The weird feeling
3.Addicted to speed
4.Sunset dreams
5.Dancing shadows
6.Behind the crystal sky
7.Inner chaotic stress and turbulence
8.Tempus fugit
9.Unleash the chaos
10.Live and learn
11.Tears of sorrow 


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