DARK FUNERAL med ny trommis

DARK FUNERAL med ny trommis

DARK FUNERAL med ny trommis

I guess by now most of you, if not all, have realised that Matte Modin is no longer in the band. I won’t go into any details as why at this point, but I guess if you read the [statement] Caligula made a couple of weeks ago it should be quite obvious…

Anyway, we have for the past few weeks been busy rehearsing with a new AMAZING drummer. And all I can say is WOW! He totally nails the songs exactly as they are played on the albums, with every single hit on the snare, kick, cymbals, etc, just a little bit better. Might sound a bit weird to you, but now with a new maniac behind the kit one realise that a lot of things have actually been missing from the drum department when we’ve played the songs live. Not anymore though. And I’m sure things will just get better.

With a new drummer onboard we have also come to realise another important thing. And that is how much we have destroyed some of our songs when we have performed them live. Nothing wrong with hyper speed, but apparently we have been blinded by the speed factor and brought it to a level where it, unfortunately, have ruined the genuine atmosphere, the melodies, and the heaviness of the songs. Now that’s in the past. With the new drummer we play the songs in perfect harmony with the speed (perhaps a little bit faster than on the records, but now with total control) and it sounds phenomenal!!!

DarkFuneral_Dominator.jpgAnyway, our new drummer actually made his live debut with us in Germany a couple of weeks ago (Hellraiser Open Air & Rock Hard Festival). And considering the very short time we had to rehearse with him before these shows, it went pretty damn fine I must say.

Now I guess you’re curious to know who the new guy is, right!? Well, I won’t hold your breath any longer. Let’s raise the horns high and welcome Nils Fjällström (Aeon/Sanctification etc) to DARK FUNERAL! Since this guy totally dominate on drums, he will from now on go under the pseudonym “Dominator”.

Dominator comment; "I am deeply honoured to play the music of Dark Funeral and inspired by the challenge! I would like to thank Lord Ahriman, Emperor Magus Caligula, Chaq Mol and B-Force for their confidence in me!" Now I can’t wait to hit the road and eventually start working on new material with the band! See you on the road!

Lord Ahriman & DARK FUNERAL