Mer info om den kommende BLAZE BAILEY DVD

Mer info om den kommende BLAZE BAILEY DVD

As announced before, Metal Mind Productions will be releasing the first Blaze Bayley's DVD.  It's going to be a real feast for the fans of melodic heavy-metal.

The material entitled "Alive in Poland" was recorded during the 21st edition of the Metalmania Festival, which took place on 24th April 2007 in Katowice (Poland). Blaze Bayley and his band gave a fantastic, over 1,5 hour show during which he presented the best tracks taken from Blaze's discography as well as selected tracks of his previous band – Iron Maiden ("Man on the Edge", "Futureal"). This very energetic performance was one of the highlights of the festival.

"Alive in Poland" DVD is scheduled for release on the 25th June and the track list looks as follows:  
1. Intro
2. Speed of Light
3. The Brave
4. Futureal
5. Alive
6. Tough as Steel
7. Man on the Edge
8. Virus
9. Ten Seconds
10. Two Worlds Collide
11. Look for the Truth
12. Kill and Destroy
13. Silicon Messiah
14. Tenth Dimension
15. Sign of the Cross
16. Born as as Stranger Bonus video:
"Hollowhead" video clip

– Photo gallery
– Biography
– Discography
– Desktop images
– Weblinks
– Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound  

The DVD will also include many great bonus features such as an interview with Blaze Bayley, an interview with all members of Blaze's band (featuring footage filmed during their visit to Poland) and more. It will also be available in a limited edition including 2 CD with songs recorded at the concert!