Diverse labelnyheter fra Debemor Morti

Diverse labelnyheter fra Debemor Morti

24/05/2007 – URFAUST : New mini album
Debemur Morti Productions is proud to announce an unholy pact with Dutch duo URFAUST for their forthcoming mini album. Comprising exclusive-to-this-release material, the evil collection will contain "around 20 minutes of unholy synthesizer ultra doom in the most morbid and twisted vein". Recordings are expected to be ready within 2 months and the sickness will be unleashed in both digital and analog form. More information soon. Expect nothing but the purest essence of iniquity…
23/05/2007 – May Virological Chronicle
-= Unreported Sightings =-

Though never officially announced on our website, our three latest vinyl releases (VORDR, OCTOBER FALLS and the NÅSTROND / MYRKR split) have been spreading for a couple of months now. Below you can get a hint of their content :

Further details (as well as audio samples) are available in the [Offerings] section. If you haven't acted yet, there is still time to grab yourself a copy via our mailorder at http://shop.mystic-arts.info or via your local disease carrier.

-= In Mutation =-

The vinyl version of HELL MILITIA's "Canonisation of the Foul Spirit" should be available within 10 days. This will be more or less exclusively distributed by Salvation Distribution in the USA and Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions in Finland. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them to reserve your copy now.

All components of the new KROHM full length are finally in our hands. "The Hauting Presence" will now be sent to the pressing plant and is expected to be out in June. Same goes for the digital version of OCTOBER FALLS' second mini-album, "The Streams Of The End". So far available on vinyl, it will now be available in limited digisleeve packaging. Last but not least, to complete an unholy trinity of new offerings, the new SPEKTR mini album "Mescalyne" is complete and will be unleashed together with the aforementioned releases. This latter one will take shape in a 6-page digipack.

The split 7" gathering French AOSOTH & TEMPLE OF BAAL is ready to go to press. Here you can witness its front cover. Though it won't be out before a couple of weeks.. patience is a virtue…

-= Pending Outbreaks =-

ANIMUS MORTIS : "Atrabilis" is the chosen title for the upcoming first full length from this Chilean outfit. Recordings are complete and the album is now at the mastering stage. More news expected shortly.

MYRKR : The band is currently working on its first full length, to be released around the end of the year via Debemur Morti Productions.

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED : The band, who recently performed an amazing Black Mass in Trondheim, NORWAY, has completed the recording of its first opus. The album will be mixed and mastered in the upcoming months. An Autumn/Winter release is expected.

KROHM / TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM : Most of the material for this highly-anticipated split album is written and recorded. A release date is planned for the end of the year.

HORNA : As announced earlier, HORNA will be touring Europe together with French acts BLACKLODGE and VORKREIST. Only one date remains unbooked. The flyer is located here. Flyers/Posters will be printed shortly. If you want to help us spread them around, get in touch !!!

09/05/2007 – KROHM : Album details revealed
The title, artwork and full tracklisting of KROHM's forthcoming second album are finally disclosed. Mastered at the infamous Necromorbus Studios, 'The Haunting Presence' contains seven exhibits of paranormal Black Metal and is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2004 debut 'A World Through Dead Eyes'. This time, Numinas' fevered mind has conjured a deeply personal, ritualistic work of incredible maturity.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Bleak Shores
2. Lifeless Serenade
3. I Respiri Delle Ombre
4. Relic
5. Memories Of The Flesh
6. Tra La Carne E Il Nulla
7. Syndrome

Unmastered samples can be heard at the band's Myspace.