EDIT THE TIDE – Reflections in Sound

EDIT THE TIDE – Reflections in Sound

BAND URL: https://linktr.ee/editthetide

The upcoming EP titled Reflections in Sound by the British alt. rockers Edit the Tide is a real treat to the ears and a stately piece of work with its five tracks sounding absolutely immense and as pristine and powerful as possible. I recall listening to their first couple of singles on YouTube and finding them quite rewarding and musically enticing, but the material that constitutes this EP is even more emotionally charged, focused, and moving than anything released by these gentlemen before. There is a clear sense of direction to such compositions as ‘Ambience’ and ‘Paradigm’, and the entire affair displays vision, purpose, and meaningfulness.

My personal favorite is deeply atmospheric ‘Unite and Rebel’ due to its understated melancholy, haunting vocal lines, great lyrics, and strong melodic qualities. The aforementioned ‘Paradigm’ is a heavy, pulsating cut that stands out as the most hard-hitting and energetic moment on the disc, and its chorus is fucking brilliant. Closing track ‘The Moment’ drives home the point that Edit the Tide are a force to be reckoned with and that they master the art of infusing a tune with drama, tension, and dynamics.

There are several memorable aspects of Reflections in Sound but what truly blows me away here is how fully formed the band and this output are, which obviously leaves me feeling that this is exactly the kind of thing that ought to appeal to all lovers of rock and metal out there. The future is looking bright for this group and modern rock has rarely sounded better than it does here.  

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