EXELOUME – returns after seven years

EXELOUME – returns after seven years

Exeloume is back to tear it up!
After a seven-year hiatus, the Trondheim-based metal band.

Exeloume is back and ready to rock the stage once again.
Formed in 2007, the band released two demos, before their infamous debut album «Fairytale of Perversion» (2011), and an EP «Return of the Nephilim» (2013), establishing their reputation as a
hard-hitting thrash metal act with a modern edge. In 2017, amidst the recording of their second album, a series of unfortunate circumstances forced the
band to put their plans on hold.

But now, Exeloume is back with a vengeance, reunited with the same
lineup from their previous releases – with one notable exception: vocalist Øystein Haltbakk will be filling in on guitar duties for the absent Tom Wahl, who is currently tied up with other commitments.
With their first show confirmed for Legend Metalfest 2024 in Trondheim on September 27th, Exeloume is poised to unleash their pent-up energy and reclaim their place as a force to be reckoned
with in the Norwegian metal scene.
Their sound, a blend of thrash metal fury and modern sensibilities, has earned them comparisons to
titans like Slayer, Death, and Testament. The band is eager to pick up where they left off and finish recording their second album, targeting a release in 2025.

Their loyal fan base can rest assured that Exeloume is back to deliver the heavy, energetic music that
has captivated audiences for years.
Here’s the lineup that’s ready to rock your world:

• Alessandro Elide (drums)
• André Ulriksen (guitar)
• Johnny Wangberg (bass)
• Øystein Haltbakk (vocals/guitar)
• Tom «Welhaven» Wahl (godfather / guitar ghost)

Get ready to mosh, headbang, and unleash your inner metalhead when Exeloume takes the stage at
Legend Metalfest 2024. This is a comeback that’s sure to shake the very foundations of the hosting venue!

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