UNCANNY – info about upcoming album

UNCANNY – info about upcoming album

A humanlike mannequin in a shop window. Old, smiling dolls in the attic. People with masks. The feeling that everything you know has been replaced with an exact copy. Completely harmless and safe, but still a source of discomfort and unrest. Attraction and deterrent at the same time. This is Uncanny – a trio making sounds that are both beautiful and ugly, awesome and awful, familiar yet unfamiliar all at the same time.

Uncanny is a hard hitting instrumental power trio that stands out in the scene of progressive metal. Their debut album started to emerge in 2020. At the center of this 8 track album, is the larger-than-life baritone guitar and an angelic/demonic lead guitar emulsified by a Meshuggah-loving worship drummer. The result is a dynamic debut album, consisting of cut-the-crap in-your-face metal as well as prog eposes, with loads of room sound and no use of drum triggers or samples at all. Get ready for sludgy and melodic tunes forcing your head to bob before suddenly twisting it and neverending riffs traveling like a train with no breaks through Uncanny’s trance-like and glitchy realm.

The album is the follow-up after their self-titled EP from 2016 which garnered great domestic and international reviews, from well established web sites as well as small music blogs. Uncanny was hand picked by Dillinger Escape Plan as a supporting act for their show in Oslo in 2017, during their farewell tour.

The band has released the single “Music For the Faint Hearted” from their upcoming “Shroomsday”, out in April. The single can be heard here



Uncanny is:
Andreas Oltedal — drums
Torkil Rødvand — baritone and bass guitar
Rikard Sjånes — guitar

All songs written and performed by Uncanny

Additional performances:
Trombones on “Shroomsday” by Andreas Rotevatn
Lead vocals on «5 mile» by Andreas Oltedal

String arrangement on “Uncut” by Kai Worley and Rikard Sjånes 

Strings on «Uncut» recorded by Andreas Oltedal and performed by Andreas Oltedal and Marius Vedvik 

Horn arrangement on “Shroomsday” by Kristoffer Fossheim Håvik 

Tracks 1–5 and 7 are recorded, produced and mixed by Kai Worley at Alnabru Isolering 

Tracks 6 and 8 are recorded and produced by Uncanny and mixed by Kai Worley 

All tracks are mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios 

Artwork by AI and Simon Berg Logo by Ingemund Skålnes, adaptation by Simon Berg Typography by Simon Berg

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