ENRAPTURE – new single out

ENRAPTURE – new single out

The Norwegian metal band Enrapture is set to release their new EP ‘DRØNN’, which will hit streaming services on April 5th. The tracks from the EP will all be individually released as singles, with the first one, “Of Burning Stone and Water”, out today February 9th. 

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‘DRØNN’ – Norwegian title and all – is both a continuation of and a shift away from the music Enrapture has released to this point. Both sound and compositional style can be recognized from the material found on their debut album ‘Another Green Drought’ from 2021, but where said album was organized by a unifying concept, ‘DRØNN’ is simply a collection of four complementary tracks. These are full of progressive wiles as before, but packaged into more compact, single-worthy formats than their predecessors. The lyrics explore some rather general existential themes (loss, alienation, fate, resilience), but through a kind of straight-forward, linear storytelling that’s new to the band’s vernacular.

Enrapture is a progressive metal band based in Oslo, Norway. The band was formed in 2012, and consists of Fredrik Schjerve (vocals, guitar), Alexander Lange (guitar), Ole Oma Dahle (bass guitar) and Lars Løseth Takle (drums). Enrapture’s musical style is firmly rooted in the progressive metal of the 2000s, and is thus primarily inspired by bands like Opeth, Mastodon and Enslaved. However, the band’s musical influences also expand into the realms of death metal, black metal and post-metal.

Enrapture has previously released an EP and an album, with the debut-EP ‘Embarkment’ being released all the way back in November 2015. Following a long period of writing new compositions, conditioned by the band members being situated in different corners of the world, – Malawi and Iceland among them – Enrapture’s debut album ‘Another Green Drought’ (2021) eventually came into form. Here, the band explored grand themes of civilizational growth and downfall, with their music reflecting a wide array of musical influences and creative processes.

‘DRØNN’ came to be through the help of these amazing people:

Rune Stavnesli (Stavmix Studio) – Main producer

Jørgen Nordby – Recording engineer/graphical work

Jonas Ulrik Eide – Recording engineer/additional guitars on track 1.

Jon-Anders Orlien (Duper Studio) – Recording engineers

Ole Dahle – Recording engineer

Magnus Gulbrandsen (Jelöy Mastering) – Mastering

Hannah Felicia Lange – Graphical work

Helge Brekke – Photography

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