PYMLICO feat. Les frères Cippe – new single

PYMLICO feat. Les frères Cippe – new single

 Pymlico, the sparkling instrumental rock sensation, is set to enchant music enthusiasts once again with their new single; Breaking Protocol: French Guiana Mix. This new version of the track from their previous album Supermassive is a collaboration with French Guianan group Les Frères Cippe – a project that came about when Pymlico played the festival Crescendo Guyane in French Guiana, South America, last October.

The fusion of these two distinctive musical entities is set to produce a groundbreaking single that will captivate audiences with its innovative sound and collaborative spirit. Singer Armelle Cippe wrote the lyrics to what used to be an instrumental tune, and brothers Steeve and Thierry Cippe provided layers of percussive magic. New saxophone melodies by stand-in saxophonist on the trip, Oskar Lindberget, was recorded outside, in the glazing sun in the rain forest. Breaking Protocol: French Guiana Mix invites listeners on a sonic journey through uplifting melodies and powerful grooves. With this new musical friendship, the Norwegian collective showcases their signature blend of powerful melodic rock with added layers of Creole rhythms and new sonic landscapes.

Commenting on the new single, Pymlico’s founder and composer, Arild Brøter, shared; “Working with the lovely Les Fréres Cippe is something I will cherish! I am so glad we managed to capture this teamwork that was originally just meant for a live concert. We had so much fun working together for a week in the hot, friendly, and laidback climate that is French Guiana, and I am sure this can be heard in the recording!”
A music video showing the band on tour in South America, working with Les Frères Cippe and recording the new single, will be released on YouTube.
 Pymlico is a Norwegian instrumental rock band known for their innovative approach to instrumental progressive music. With a discography that spans multiple albums, the band has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim for their ability to create cross-genre melodies and powerful music. The band signed with Norwegian label Apollon Records Prog in 2016
 Arild Brøter: Drums / keyboards
 Øyvind Brøter: Keyboards
 Stephan Hvinden: Guitars
 Andreas Sjo Engen: Guitars
 Are Nerland: Bass guitar
 Oda Rydning: Percussion
 Oskar Lindberget: Saxophone
 Mattias Krohn Nielsen: Guitars
 Armelle Cippe: Vocals
 Steeve Cippe: Percussion
 Thierry Cippe: Percussion

 Written by Arild Brøter, Øyvind Brøter and Robin Havem Løvøy
 Lyrics by Armelle Cippe
 Produced, recorded and mixed by Arild Brøter
 Mastered by Jelöy Sound Mastering

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